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Building and Maintaining a Fire

January 1, 2017


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Becoming a prepper is one of those things that requires you to develop a lot of skills. One of the most important skills is properly building and maintaining a fire. This is a skill that can make all the difference between life and death in many survival situations. Knowing how to properly build and maintain a fire is absolutely critical. You can learn more about building a fire at:

No Shame In Using Modern Tools

There can often seem to be a kind of hierarchy to preppers. There is a misconception that there are the “real preppers” and the ones who do not take it seriously enough. The “real prepper” will try and tell you that you are not a real prepper if you are not able to start a fire with just two sticks and will power. They will tell you only a wuss or incapable person would resort to using matches, lighters, or flint. These preppers are idiots. Would you rather spend up to an hour just trying to get your first spark or would you rather build a fire in less than fifteen minutes and conserve valuable time? It is not wise to rely entirely on lighters or matches, but a good piece of flint will not fail you and it is foolish to ignore convenience in a survival situation.

Maintaining Your Fire

It is one thing to get a fire started. However, it is an entirely different matter and completely critical for survival to keep a fire going. You need to remember that, as with most things in this world, there is a structure that must be maintained in order to keep your fire going. You need to be sure that your fire has enough airflow to keep the flames going without being too open that it goes out quickly. You need to be sure to have a steady supply of wood to feed into the fire. You also need to make sure you have wood that burns steadily.

Check out this video to learn more about firestarting: