Are You Buying Authentic Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

October 23, 2016


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Nothing can make a consumer see red faster than buying a very high end product like Egyptian cotton sheets and then finding out you really didn’t get what you paid for. When things are all packaged up, it can be hard to tell what you are getting. The only way you can prevent getting ripped off is to read the labels very carefully and know what your are looking for.

First let’s look at what real Egyptian cotton is. ELS stands for extra long fibers. In a cotton plant this is essential to get a finer thread or yarn. Longer fibers means that there will be less splicing of fibers and that makes the threads finer and softer. While there is long fiber cotton that is grown in the United States, the climate in the Nile River Valley of Egypt provides the ideal moist environment to make the ELS cotton even softer.

What you want to make sure of when you are shopping for Egyptian cotton, sheets or other items like clothing or bath towels, is that the ELS cotton has not been mixed with an inferior cotton in the process. However, the products produced with this mixed cotton blend can still be labeled Egyptian cotton. Purchase these items and you are buying an inferior product and yet still pay a higher price. Make sure the products you buy have the official Egyptian cotton logo and read all of the product details carefully. Take the time to visit to find more valuable information about the Egyptian cotton you buy.

The reason people buy high end sheets for their bedding is because they want a more sumptuous feeling sheet while they sleep at night. While any fabric made with the ELS cotton is going to be soft and more durable than other shorter fiber cottons, there can also be a difference in the weave. You may have heard of sateen sheets or percale sheets, but never really understood what the differences are between the two types. Percale is the more simple over under, over under weave, while the sateen weave is a much more complex and produces a more satiny feel.

Longevity and durability is another reason many like to invest in higher end products like Egyptian cotton sheets. They will stand up to wash after wash and fluff fuller in the dryer than inferior cotton sheets. Keep in mind however that the fabric thread count can also play a big part in how long your sheets will last and how they will feel. Thread count means the number of threads per square inch in the weave of the fabric. Higher thread counts cost more of course. Sheets with a higher thread count are naturally heavier.